Super 6

The six-burgh steelers won the superbowl again and the stupid people who were rooting for the cardnals suck and the steelers rock.

Miami Heat

the Miami Heat are having a great season and the blazers are doing pretty bad a few years ago they were really good but now they just need to pick up the paste a little more.


The football season is awsome there are cool games to watch and awesome players that play. The team I like the most is the Steelers. Because they have good players like Troy Polamalu and Willie Parker.  Football is my most favorite  sport  because  theres tackling. And the most coolest thing is its fun to see players get nailed.

Chad Johnson

 Chad Johnson is one of the best wide recevers in the NFL history. He has had 8,3665 yards 559 cathes 5 fumbles and 49 touchdowns. And hes been in the NFL since 2001-2008. The bengals are a good team and they tend to lose badly sometimes but other then that there a great team.